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Alpine North Workshops

Our Alpine Workshop is expanding to Canada! Good news, eh!

We're very proud to announce we're helping bring a new way to get the Alpine Workshops experience. The first-ever Alpine North workshops first debuted in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2019!

Our new Alpine North sessions cover topics beyond our original workshops. Get back to the basics at a Hand Joinery Fundamentals or Shaper Safety session, or get the skills to take your window or door production to the next level at a Wood Window & Door Installation or Window & Door Performance workshop. These sessions take place over a 2-day weekend, allowing you to make time for skills training even for tight schedules.

For woodworkers who are looking to enjoy the Alpine experience and get equipped with advanced joinery skills but might have trouble fitting the original workshops into a busy schedule, Alpine North provides the best of both worlds. Attendees will receive the same in-depth, individual-focused instruction that Alpine is known for, with the convenience of flying in and out of a major urban center. Of course, it just wouldn't be Alpine without some spectacular mountain views, and Vancouver has you covered. We're looking forward to seeing some of you north of the border!.

For more information on this workshop, we encourage you to contact us with your questions. We'd love to hear about your next project and help you find out if this session is right for you!

Our 2023 Alpine North Workshops are postponed until further notice. Please check back here soon or sign up for our Alpine eNews below for our annoucements.

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