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Euro Tours

The annual Euro Tour is arranged by Rangate, Inc., one of the two partners of Alpine Technical Workshops. This annual trip is organized in such a way that attendees get to visit European local window and door shops to see the shops' layout and operations. Visited countries in the past included Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany. The tour is planned to end at one of the two exhibitions: fensterbau/frontale along with Holzwerk in Nuremburg or LIGNA in Hannover (in alternate years).

The goals of the tour carry the spirit of Alpine: Growing the woodworking community by connecting people together. By networking with like-minded businesses, whether they are in North America or in Europe, Alpiners can collaborate and develop business plans and strategies for their own marketplace.

The Euro Tour is supported by Alpine's and Rangate's vendor partners. This is just another way of how Alpine continues its knowledge sharing while learning something new ourselves as well. It's about pulling a community together and empowering individuals with new knowledge for their passion. And what a way to travel and work through many great meals and drinks with new friends!

An excerpt of the Euro Tour experience can be found on our Facebook page at:

2012 Euro Tour

2013 Euro Tour

2014 Euro Tour