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Alpine Technical Workshop LLC

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Engineered Tooling & Equipment for Solid Wood Joinery

Schedule & Fees

Alpine Workshop 2023 Fall Schedule

Ridgway, Colorado

      Sep 20‐23 (Wed-Sat) - Advanced Joinery Workshop (Sawdust made!)

      Oct 4‐7 (Wed-Sat) - Door Making Workshop (Sawdust made!)

      Oct 11‐14 (Wed-Sat) - Euro Window & Door Workshop (Sawdust made!))

      Nov 8‐11 (Wed-Sat) - Double Hung & Casement Windows (Full. Inquire for stand-by!)

      Nov 15‐18 (Wed-Sat) - Advanced Joinery Workshop (Almost Full! Sign up soon!)

Workshop Fees

     • Advanced Joinery: USD 1,895.00

     • Any Window and Door Workshop: USD 2,195.00

     • Alpine North: Varies

Please explore our workshop checklist or register for a workshop:

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>> Email us for your interest in 2024!

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