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Alpine Connects

Connecting Suppliers to Producers

Alpine isn't just about joinery knowledge- it's about connecting the supply and demand sides of the window market. If your business is exploring a new product line, you've got questions. Alpine is the best place to get answers which are honest, direct, and in a strict sales-free environment. Chances are, you've wondered about questions like:

  • Where can I reliably source the sub-components I'll need, like hardware, gasketing, and cladding?
  • How can I optimize my shop layout, including my finishing booth and clamping/pressing stations?
  • Who should I speak with to understand the testing, certification, and performance rating process?

There are Alpiners across North America who have had the same questions, and found answers that work for their business- and many are willing to share what worked for them, and what didn't. Alpine is a community based on knowledge sharing- and you're part of it too! We encourage you to share your unique knowledge and perspective on the Alpine Forum.

Tilt and Turn Window Hardware

Connecting Producers to Consumers

On the demand side, Alpine recognize the opportunity to connect the need to our Alpiners ‐ folks who have been to our workshops and are fully capable of quoting on and manufacturing windows and doors which could previously only be imported from Europe.

There are many benefits in purchasing high performance windows and doors from North American fenestration producers instead of from overseas for your projects. You may:

  • Engage direct relationship with fenestration producers BEFORE your project starts
  • Expedite communication (without time zone difficulties)
  • Design, sample, test and adjust to your schedule and requirements easier
  • Utilize more local, sustainable materials
  • Reduce transportation energy & time
  • Plan and install with project familiarity
  • Contact producers directly for support & warranty
  • Maximize project success & satisfaction

Our workshops equip joiners with the skills to build both European and North American fenestration styles. Qualified Alpiners are capable of building solid wood double and triple pane windows for various window types, opening dimensions, frame thicknesses, and thermal performance requirements. If you're looking to source beautiful, high-performance wood windows or doors, there's no longer any need to import from Europe- chances are we can recommend a producer in your region who's making a high-quality product which can save you the wait and cost of importing from Europe.

Solid Wood Products:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt‐and‐Turn Window
  • Lift‐and‐Slide Doors
  • European Doors
  • Traditional Doors
  • Passive House Institute Certified Windows

Please contact us to give a North American fenestration producer a chance to provide you a service and product you need.

Alpine Tilt and Turn