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Alpine Technical Workshops LLC

Knowledge and Community


Engineered Tooling & Equipment for Solid Wood Joinery

Beyond the Workshops

Since we began, Alpine has become much more than a workshop series- it's become a community of friends and peers, with a common love of woodworking, and an interest in advancing the North American solid wood industry. This community paves the way for knowledge sharing both online and at events across North America, and even beyond.

The experience of coming to Ouray and sharing a weekend in the shop builds a real camaraderie that lasts long after returning home. That's why we created the Alpine Forum to keep the great conversations we have at the shop going. It's the same kind of knowledge-focused, non-sale environment as the workshops, where our Alpiners can go to get the whole community pooling their knowledge and expertise to answer the community's woodworking questions.

The Alpine community isn't just online- wherever people come together to learn about wood windows and advance the industry, we're there. Each year, we join our partners at Rangate for their annual Euro Tour. Many of our Alpiners join us to get an inside look at European window shops, and visit Europe's largest solid wood trade exhibition of the year- after all, there's no better place to learn about European fenestration than at the source.

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